Product Design Services

p ă n – ŏ p t ĭk:

Taking in all aspects in a single view.

Our experience in the worldwide marketplace aids our clients in refining their products or developing new products. We have the expertise to make a concept a reality.

When bringing products to market it is important to take into account all of regulatory and compliance aspects. At Panoptik Compliance Solutions we do just that, we take into account all regulatory design considerations including EMC, Electrical and Machinery Safety, Reliability and Hazardous Locations.

PANOPTiK Compliance Solutions, Inc., is an out-growth of the expertise available from helping hundreds of clients bring their products to market at Professional Testing (EMI), Inc. As an independent group aside from the testing and certification process, PANOPTiK's experts provide solutions to complex regulatory designs and issues and provide innovative ideas that bring success to their clients' products. Their experience in a wide variety of industries including military, aerospace, medical, wireless, information technology, consumer products and industrial machinery aids clients in refining their products or developing new ones. Ask how we can help you today.

Product Design takes expertise. PANOPTiK's expertise can help with all design questions.

A little something we are doing on our own:

At PANOPTiK, we have an interest in providing solutions for the future. At the request by one of our area schools, we developed a mobile cart solution for bringing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) activities to their classroom. Our response was Discovery Maker. Designed to be more than a delivery vehicle for activities, the Discovery Maker carts themselves become an interactive part of the exploration process. Additionally we turned our experienced eye to the type of activities we recommend. We work with the end-user on a complete offering.

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